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Portable Air Cooler

Portable Air Cooler

SKU: HA0020

This Bitzong Air Cooler is designed to be an energy-efficient solution for cooling a small area. The best way to avoid high energy bills from air conditioners. With a built-in misting function to enhance cooling, it also works as a humidifier. This evaporative air cooler is extremely light, weighing only 1.25kg, it is portable and easy to relocate. Place it around the house or bring it along with you on your next camping trip using the standard USB-C cable.


The smart LED display at the front shows the users key information such as fan speed, misting, and oscillating angle. The LED lights can be completely turned off for running at night. The extra-large tank size makes it perfect for warmer nights, when running an air conditioner becomes too costly.


The brushless fan motor provides better airflow while creating less noise for occupants. Fill the tank with cold water or a mixture of cold water and ice for a satisfying breeze. Stay cool this Summer with ease.




  • Built-in Misting Function
  • Cooling and Humidifying
  • Extra-Large Water Tank
  • Smart LED Display
  • Light Weight
  • Universal USB-C Charging
  • Quiet Brushless Motor Fan

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