Energy Efficient Ceramic Heater

Energy Efficient Ceramic Heater

SKU: HA0001

Keeping you warm and cosy this winter. Bitzong's ceramic heater is a great solution for heating while helping you save big on utility bills with its energy-efficient design. You will be surprised how much heat this little unit can produce while using a lot less power than other conventional electric heaters on the market.


Heating a room as large as 4x4m is not a problem for this heater! Additional built-in features include quick heating, wide-angle automatic swing, cold and hot air mode, LED power indicator and safety power off if the heater falls on the side making it perfect for children and pets. Ideal for home and office use; stay warm with style this year!




  • Ceramic Quick Heating


  • Wide Angle Automatic Swing


  • Automatic Power Switch Off If Heater Falls On The Side


  • Hot & Cold Air Mode


  • LED Power Indicator


  • Quiet Operation


  • High Power Efficiency


  • Thermo Control


  • Overheat Protect And Temperature Fuse


  • Flame Resistance


  • No Naked Fire

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