Self Heating Cup

Self Heating Cup

SKU: HA0151

Keeping your favourite coffee and tea at the perfect drinking temperature of 50°C. Bitzong’s Self Heating Cup comes with a wireless charging pad for heating and can be used to charge smartphones and any Qi-compatible devices.


Made with the finest bone china, Bitzong’s Self Heating Cup is finished beautifully in a smooth milky white material recognized as the world’s only high-grade porcelain. Bone china is known to offer a more elegant appeal due to its lighter weight and unique material composition.


Designed for home and office use, this self-heating mug cup comes with a porcelain lid and spoon. Say goodbye to that cold coffee and tea.





  • Built-in self-heating function to keep your drink at the perfect drinking temperature (50°C)


  • Elegantly finished, the cup is made from the world’s only high-grade porcelain, bone china. Making it easier to clean and safer to use


  • The multi-functional charging pad is used for heating and can wirelessly recharge your smartphone, smartwatch, and other Qi-compatible wireless devices


  • A porcelain spoon and lid are included

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